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Panic Room meets Daredevil

Three kids from Detroit (Alex, Rocky and Money) have become pretty talented at stealthily breaking into homes and leaving with cash and valuables. Word’s on the block that a veteran in the area is holding a huge amount of dollars in his property following a settlement, so the trio carefully plan a robbery. They definitely picked the wrong guy to loot.

Okay, I was clutching at straws with “Panic Room meets Daredevil” – that’s because it’s very hard to think of any other movie that’s similar to this one. This has been a pretty positive year for the horror genre with quite a few unique ideas being introduced and Don’t Breathe is one of them.

It can only be a good thing when you watch a horror film and you aren’t quite sure what to expect. This is true with regards to the setting and the story of Don’t Breathe. Never before have we experienced how petrifying it can get when three unsuspecting young looters get trapped in a veteran’s house who happens to be one lethal blind guy with a dark side. However this is not true with regards to the characters and some of the situations that unfold in the plot. There sure is varying personalities and a diversity between Alex, Money and Rocky, but these three do feel kind of generic. Basically, it’s not hard to guess which character you aren’t supposed to care about.

Having said that, I was on the edge of my seat throughout the movie and there was a suitable number of jump scares that were executed perfectly. The ending definitely brings a couple of surprises to the table whilst getting slightly weird.

The thespians?
Stephen Lang brings an extremely eerie atmosphere as he stalks the corners of the frame, alert and sniffing like a true predator. I would have liked his character to be a bit more human – it’s almost as if he is a monster with his lack of dialogue and using creepy grunts and growls every now and then. This could function to make viewers more terrified of him, but it had the opposite effect on me.

This one is an enjoyable watch with plenty of hand-to-mouth scares and a unique setting and premise. Do not mess with an angry, super-sensory blind veteran, or something bad will happen to you with a turkey baster.