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I’m back from a great time relaxing and adventuring in the sun. What do you mean, you didn’t realise I was gone? I thought a great way to return to the blogosphere would be with a tactfully topical subject of holidays in the movies. 

x600.jpgAway We Go (2009)
This is such an endearing movie, filled with lots of thought-provoking moments, some really enjoyable comedy and a couple of tear-jerking scenarios. We get to experience the adventures of a young couple, who are expecting their first baby and go on a journey to visit various friends and family in different states of America, all in an effort to define what ‘home’ really is. It’s not a holiday in the generic sense, but if that counts – I’m in!



The-Hangover-movie-screenplay-and-cast-still-on-vegas-roof..jpgThe Hangover (2009)
The Vegas bachelor break that everyone knows all too well. These lads really ended up with a holiday they’ll never forget… oh – wait a second.



shirley-valentine-lb-1Shirley Valentine (1989)
You go girl! This film is such a gem.It’s a pleasure to watch our female protagonist find the spark in life again during her timely break on a luxurious Greek island.



el3.jpgEden Lake (2008)
As romantic holidays go, this probably didn’t go as smoothly as our man Fassbender had hoped. The narrative takes a dark, deep turn into the woods and a young, loved up couple experience first hand what happens when parenting goes wrong.




1323845870Eat-Junk-and-Watch-Rubbish.jpgHome Alone (1990)
Kevin McCallister is the smart 8-year-old who ends up with the house to himself for the Christmas holidays. The first two installments of the Home Alone movies really are fantastic, but I think they should have left it at two.


What’s your favourite holiday movie?