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So, I recently watched the one of the shining paragons of cinema – Memento. This led me to think about a lot of things. One of those things being Guy Pearce, and how he is in a LOT of great movies. The thing with ‘the thing’ that is Guy Pearce, is that he’s incredibly versatile. He’s one of those actors who looks different in everything, and you find yourself saying “… that’s Guy Pearce!” or “oh my God, Guy Pearce was in that?” 

There’s no better way to celebrate this guy (heh) than talk about 5 of his roles in the movies, which happen to be my favourite Guy Pearce roles. 

DISCLAIMER: I have to say I am yet to see Lawless, and I know that Pearce portrays a fantastic character in this movie. So I won’t feature it in my list, don’t judge me! But please feel free to comment with your thoughts!

body-modifcation-tattoo-35Memento (2000) – Leonard
Obviously. Pearce is the leading protagonist in this movie and I don’t think there’s actually a scene without him in it. With that amount of screentime, he has to pull off one hell of an entertaining performance to ensure we enjoy the movie. Because of the character’s condition, he appears relatively emotionless and driven by the desire to avenge his wife’s death, but nonetheless it’s a stirring, evocative and determined performance.



4636127_l5The Proposition (2005) – Charlie Burns
This movie truly is a memorable one. It’s raw and bloody, an eerie Western that stretches across the dusty outback of Australia. Guy Pearce’s performance here is extremely intense, as Charlie, one of three outlaw brothers. But he’s the good one. Kind of.



kings-speech-movieThe King’s Speech (2010) – King Edward VIII
This is one of those roles where I was actually proud of myself for realising straight away it’s Guy Pearce. At his pinnacle of versatility, with an extremely regal British accent down to a tee, he plays the unlikable brother of George VI.



81vdlTY6PuL._SL1500_Animal Kingdom (2010) – Detective Nathan Leckie
Pearce’s character in this amazing Aussie film is that of a systematic police sergeant who’s one of the only non-corrupt characters in this dark ensemble. He’s got a pretty great monologue in this movie too, where he basically sums up the essence of the movie – the animal kingdom.



LA-Confidential_Guy-Pearce1LA Confidential (1997) – Ed Exley
This was certainly a breakthrough role for Pearce as the detective who just wants to follow the rules. As another quite stiff character on the surface, Pearce brings a pretty gripping persona to Ed Exley. Subtle and profound – the two words I’d use to sum up the actor’s work in general.

What’re your thoughts on Guy Pearce?