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The buddy film is a popular one because of how enjoyable it can be to see dynamics between two completely different characters, and how they overcome situations together. Here is 5 of the best duos in the movies!

true_primaryTrue Romance (1993) Clarence and Alabama
This truly cool American crime movie provided us with one of the most memorable duos. You can’t help but adore Clarence and Alabama, a freshly loved-up couple in the midst of a fast-paced, colourful, fantasy-like adventure against baddies and drug lords.


Finding Nemo-00-44-18Finding Nemo (2003) Marlin and Dory
When prudent Marlin meets unsuspecting Dory, they seem worlds apart. But when it comes to duos, the fun part is watching how they become a great team in the end. The initially conflicting elements of their personalities turn out to offer up advantages and complement each other’s downfalls for a win-win situation in the end! And it all works out just fine! Let’s just hope Dory doesn’t go missing … oh, wait!


129Thelma & Louise (1991)
Thelma and Louise are arguably the most kick-ass pair of women in cinema history. In this case, the convention of the buddy film is broken, with two working class females as the central focus. They really are two characters we care about, and they really care about each other.


Who-are-those-guysButch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid (1969)
The close companionship between Butch and The Sundance Kid, two unforgettable outlaws of the Wild West, is a prominent one in cinema history. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it could even be THE original bromance.


2014_5_pulpfiction_galleryPulp Fiction (1994) Vincent and Jules
Here is the infamous Vincent and Jules, a pair that will go down in cinema history for many, many years to come. We’re not used to seeing established hitmen discussing the French term for quarter pounder burgers, and whether or not a foot massage ranks highly in the infidelity code, and that’s just one thing that makes these two unorthodox characters one of the best duos in the movies.


What’s your favourite duo in the movies?