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Ghosts in the movies come in all forms, and with various temperaments. There’s funny ghosts, sad ghosts, ghosts that don’t know they’re ghosts, scary as hell ghosts and many more. Here’s 5 of my favourite ghosts in the movies. 

06_the_jackal_08The Jackal (Thir13en Ghosts, 2001)
Ghosts aren’t conventionally easy on the eye, and this one’s a perfect example of that. He is terrifying as hell. Also, is it just me, or could The Jackal and possessed Regan in The Exorcist be long lost twins?



Actor Patrick Swayze dies at 57Sam Wheat (Ghost, 1990)
As ghosts go, this guy is a pretty handsome one. Considering most ghosts aren’t really on the appealing side when it comes to personality and appearance, I’d rate him very highly.



enhanced-4530-1396023260-10Nearly Headless Nick (the Harry Potter movies)
So apparently the deceased can have a laugh and a joke in the afterlife. That’s good to know. John Cleese’s ghost in the first couple of Harry Potter movies definitely brings a humourous side to being almost – but not quite – headless.



ringu-sadako12Sadako (Ring, 1998)
This petrifying and equally popular Japanese horror features one of the creepiest ghosts in the movies, and spawned the pretty scary Western releases a few years later. I’ll never trust a girl with long black hair.



maxresdefaultCasper (1995)
What’s a ghost post without Casper? This dude is one of the world’s favourite ghosts in the movies, surely.


Do you have a favourite ghost in the movies?