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Robots – how’re they portrayed in films? As an evil force that could wipe out the human race? Or a gentle being that is developing feelings and could potentially progress to wipe out the human race? Here’s 5 best robots in the movies. 

aliensAliens (1986) – Bishop
Following the first Alien movie, we’re pretty suspecting about androids. Ellen Ripley has particular misgivings about Bishop, the android in the second instalment, Aliens. But Bishop ends up being quite exceptionally cool, and teaches us that everything is not as it might seem.


03-sad-robots-bicentennial-manBicentennial Man (1999) – Andrew
This was one of my favourite movies growing up, and Robin Williams is probably the reason for that. Again we get a glimpse into the heart of artificial intelligence, which is not technically a heart in the biological term, but it prompts thoughts on what makes us human.


walle-ground-laserdot-700x348Wall-E (2008)
If you don’t find Wall-E cute, you need psychotherapy! This Pixar creation is, in my opinion, one of the greatest. Through Wall-E, we learn that pieces of metal can have feelings just like we do… which is essentially be a threat to the human race but nevertheless, Wall-E is adorable af.


20151217_terminator1Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991) – The Terminator
Similar to the robot fear we developed through the original Alien movie, Terminator teaches us to do nothing but run like hell from anything with artificial intelligence. That’s a theme turned on its head with Terminator 2, when we see Arnie’s soft spot as an enjoyably kick-ass, over-protective robot.


10-tars.w529.h352Interstellar (2014) – TARS
TARS has had a large degree of sarcasm and wit programmed into him, making him one of the most enjoyable robots in the movies. Plus he offers himself up to go into a black hole. Even if you’re an android, that’s seriously brave. Also, shout out to CASE, equally cool.


Whether robots will take over the world or not, I don’t care. I definitely love robots in the movies. Which is your favourite?