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Beards have become a topic of great interest. There’s the classic beard and man-bun combo that has taken the 21st century by storm, the fluffy beard, the breakfast leftovers beard, the forest. Hell, I could go on. Let’s look at some examples of iconic beards in the movies.

cast_away-tom-hanksCastaway (2000) – Chuck
Tom Hank’s beard in Castaway really is intense. It’s natural. It’s sun-bleached. It’s raw. It tells the tale of his survival. I couldn’t say whether this beard is homegrown or not, but regardless, it’s one admirable waterfall of straggly hairs.


5cf4297a6a8830cf4f799cd28ad90e51The Hunger Games series – Seneca Crane
The amount of time Seneca Crane (or his PA) must spend trimming and styling his facial hair is just too much for anyone to bear, I imagine. Also, there’s something about beards and villains. A lot of baddies in the movies have quite exaggerated beard styles. Maybe they’re trying to achieve a sense of grandiose power through controversial yet refined facial hair.


tumblr_lp7u96sn6q1qkpg0vo1_500Die Hard (1988) – Hans Gruber
Speaking of villain beards, Hans Gruber needs a place in this list. His well-pruned face carpet gives the character that special edge. That is a beard that says “don’t mess with me. Because I am sophisticated, powerful and I know how to groom. And I am very comfortable with my sexuality”


main-qimg-786e4344cd3dc0d07ba336fc30416e64-cThe Harry Potter film series – Albus Dumbledore
The wizard beard is one that will never go out of fashion. The long, silver flow of neat, shiny locks is a symbol of wisdom, integrity and age. A lot of age. I’m including a picture of the Richard Harris Dumbledore (my favourite one). His beard just seems more… free.

Dumbledore is one of the most famous pioneers of the long, white beard, with other pinnacle leaders including Gandalf from LOTR and Pai Mei from Kill Bill Vol. 2. Also, honourable mention to the late great Richard Attenborough, who achieved the wisdom and integrity of a wizard beard even without the excessive length.


gladiator-maximus-decimus-meridius_5764796Gladiator (2000) – Maximus
The beautiful Maximus, blessed with a thick, neat top layer of facial hair. It’s enough to radiate a suitably threatening and primal manliness, whilst achieving a look of authority and discipline. This beard is under control.


What’s the most iconic beard in the movies, in your opinion?